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Indie Review: Naqaab by Subhi

Indie Review- Naqaab by Subhi

Indian-American vocalist Subhi unmasks a sense of acceptance and facinginner conflicts with her ballad Naqaab. With a piano-driven melody byherself, the song builds up brilliantly with an opera-like quality. Thisgrandeur

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Indie Review: Skin by Anisha AOD

Indie Review- Skin by Anisha Uppal

Anisha is a classical pianist, self-taught guitarist and poet who is definitely one of the forces to reckon with in the Indie-pop and soul scene. She has collaborated with numerous reputed

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Indie Review: Seven by Voctronica

Indie Review: Seven by Voctronica

Possibly the only group that can be seen as India’s answer to acapella troupe Pentatonix, Voctronica has established itself as India’s first all-vocal orchestra. Their latest single Seven shows their fusion

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