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Hanita Bhambri – Jalpari is Serene: Score Indie Reviews

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New Delhi based singer-songwriter Hanita Bhambri is known for writing songs that create a window to her soul. During the nationwide lockdown, Hanita embarked on a 21 day songwriting process wherein she asked people to share their stories, feelings, thoughts or prompts and turned them into songs. She wanted to give people a way to express themselves in a musical way, something which they couldn’t do on their own.

Her latest track, “Jalpari” is a result of that process. It’s a song about how love changes the way you see yourself, helping you realise that some of the things that you’re so insecure about, are in fact some of your best parts, and that’s the song that we will be reviewing here. 

“Jalpari” is the Hindi word for “mermaid”. According to Hanita, this was what inspired her to write this song: “There’s a woman sitting by the shore looking up at the sky and obsessing about the fact that she’s not a bird. She’s extremely sad that she cannot fly.

Then someone says to her – ‘do you not see that you’ve been a mermaid all this while? That’s so much more special than being a bird.’ The most beautiful kind of love changes the way you see yourself, it helps you realize that some of the things that you’re so insecure about are in fact some of your best parts”. That’s more than a handful of goodness and we are pleased to report that it has inspired Hanita to create a really beautiful track.

First things first, the most outstanding part of the song is definitely Hanita Bhambri’s rich voice and sweet-sounding vocal tone. It’s a strangely beautiful phenomenon and doesn’t happen with many singers but Hanita’s voice doesn’t just impress you or wow you, it comforts you. It’s a voice that would help you relax after a hard day’s work, something which would make you feel safer and secure in the turbulent times of today. Even if you hear her for the first time, you will be able to find the reassuring familiarity of a voice that you seek during times of duress. Her voice has “it”. Ashwin Advani’s harmony vocals also enhance the vocal melody of the song. It’s really serenading.

The instrumental accompaniment is subtle and has beautifully arranged elements which embellish the song to near perfection. Keshav Dhar has done a splendid job producing, mixing and mastering the track. The whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts, and that’s the hallmark of a well produced track. Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan once said, “the best songs are written in five minutes on the back of the tour bus.” Well, Hanita wrote “Jalpari” in just twenty minutes, and it is pretty great. 

Verdict: We got no troubles. Life is the bubbles, when you listen to “Jalpari”.

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