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Pranati Khanna AKA Peekay – Dunno is a Soulful Journey: Score Indie Reviews

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Pranati Khanna or Peekay is one of the most prominent Indie music artists in the city of Nizams, Hyderabad. A woman of many talents, she is an artist as well as a musician. Pranati Khanna grew up surrounded by art and music for her entire life. She said that spending her formative years in a household filled with paintings while enveloped in a soundtrack of great music helped shape her as an artist and musician. Pranati Khanna released her first single as Peekay a few months ago. Her song “Good Old Fashioned Love” gave listeners a soundtrack for their love-laced dreams. Now, Peekay is back with her second single, “Dunno” and that’s the song we will be reviewing here. 

“Dunno” is a narrative on Peekay’s post-divorce life. The track has been produced with the help of her band’s guitarist Jonathan Edward. Lyrically, the song talks about addressing feelings of uncertainty and snapping pointlessly at loved ones. However, it does come with a great message of “better smile and dance it away”. Is there a better way to get over your life’s problems? Not one we can think of at least.

Musically, the song has a very tuneful, catchy and well shaped melody. The track starts with Peekay crooning “I don’t what I’m feeling but I’m feeling it”. Her rich and distinct vocal tone is enhanced by the layers of harmonies on top of that. Not saying that Peekay’s vocals aren’t stunning on their own but it’s the way they are harmonized that makes the vocal lines really memorable. They give the song a dreamy vibe. Peekay’s delivery is very expressive and consistent throughout the song. You can definitely feel what she is feeling (even if we don’t know what that actually is). 

The instrumental accompaniment does a great job of enhancing the mood of the song. Whether it is the reverb heavy guitars, humming bass, catchy keyboards or the steady drums, they all do a great job of adding value to the song. The song also has a great guitar solo which is perfect for the song in every possible way. The tone and the playing are both spot on. The track has been mixed very well too. The highlight of the track is definitely the vocal performance of Peekay and the instrumental accompaniment is precisely mixed and balanced to complement that. This distinctive track definitely holds the potential to even become a commercial success. 

Verdict: Press play, smile and dance it all away.

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