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Ashwin Iyer’s Poetry On A Bus is a poetic expression of groovy vibes: Score Indie Reviews

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Right from its very first notes, Chennai-based producer Ashwin Iyer’s
single Poetry On A Bus gives some great feel-good vibes. The laidback
nature of the song carries on with some fine, breezy vocals by
nøbodyinhere. The latter’s lyrics are as effortless as his voice as he
croons about lovers trusting each other to make through the highs and
lows of life. In that sense, the overall optimism and the ambient
production will make that track pretty interesting for a demographic that’s
into chill bedroom-pop artists like Rex Orange County.

There’s a lot to appreciate in this short yet catchy track, be it the multi-
instrumental prowess of Ashwin Iyer or some slick guitaring magic
conjured by collaborator Hrday Sunil. The aforementioned short duration
leaves little space for any dramatic interludes or tonal shifts but the wavy
and smooth transitions of all the instrumentals make the song perfect for
easy listening. Some listeners might also catch an 80s blues-y feel from
Poetry On A Bus, especially with the guitar solos.

All in all, Poetry In A Bus isn’t music that’s entering a pathbreaking
territory. But every once in a while, we need to take a chill pill and feel
positive about matters like love and life. Ashwin Iyer’s single perfectly
suits that mood. Considering that the musician is just 19 right now, it’ll be
amusing to see what he cooks up next.

Verdict: Give up whatever you’re doing. Sit back. Play this track. Relax.

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