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Rudy Mukta crafts a catchy existential testament with We’ll Die Anyway- Score Indie Reviews

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Bangalore-based artist Rudy Mukta is just 17 years old in age but she
delivers some really well-thought lyrics with a mature control over her
breezy vocals in her single We’ll Die Anyway. The song overall has an
increasingly bittersweet sound to it that would be similar to other
international chill-pop acts like Clairo.

The production or Mukta’s vocals hardly transition and stay more or less
the same in the course of the song’s 2-minute duration but she hardly
sounds monotonous. Her lazy, chilled-out style makes We’ll Die Anyway
a perfectly catchy song that makes for good relaxation music. A lyrical ‘edginess’ is added with Mukta wondering about life, death, morality, stars, and other existential clichés, again without being monotonous. The catchiest part that’s bound to be an earworm stuck in your head is the hook in which Mukta calmly croons, ‘It’ll be time, one day’.

The track might be short and sound pretty relaxing but its meaning is
profound and would make listeners question the very perpetual never-
ending transience of life. With genres like chillwave, chill-pop, and lo-fi
influencing the indie scene, We’ll Die Anyway is a delightful experiment
of its own clearly making Rudy Mukta an artist to watch out for.

Verdict- There are some songs that can sound intellectually deep yet
lazily chilled-out. We’ll Die Anyway is one such track.

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