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‘Inbam Pongum Velai’ by Mr. Kev ft Benny Dayal finds love in psychedelia

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Love songs never grow old, especially as the attires they come in keep
moulding according to contemporary tastes and styles. ‘Inbam
Pongum Velai’, produced by Chennai based musician Kevin Paul
a.k.a. Mr. Kev featuring Benny Dayal, is no exception.

Roughly translating to the time of happiness, ‘Inbam Pongum Velai’
will touch the sweet chord of any listener right from the very start. At
the core, it is a simple singer-songwriter offering. Naturally, it has a
simple melody structure, lucid rhythms and a pleasant, colourful vibe,
which will resonate with one and all.

The song opens with a guitar strumming a lazy rhythm. Just when it is
jazzed up sombre horn section calls, the shimmering voice of Benny
adds its magic. Dreamy and translucent, it falls in the right pockets
created by slick beats and wobbly bass lines.

This trance-like state is further pushed by a psychedelic guitar solo by
Dawngtea which creates an atmosphere of floating in bubblegum
dreams. The clean tone scores brownie points as it leaves the slowly
swirling soundscape to morph into a massive drop which leads into
the lo-fi bridge marked by echoing beats.

Though Benny is one of the most successful and demanded playback
singers in the music industry, he has not forgotten his indie roots.
Singing on a track of an upcoming young musician such as Kevin not
only opens doors for him, but also encourages others who are
struggling to make honest music.

The cover art shows two figures whose heads form wavy columns
which blend into the similarly wavy and colourful sky. Such a warpy theme can point only to one thing – dreams. Quite fittingly, the song talks about how the composer saw a girl in his dreams and fell flat due to her magic. He wistfully goes back to that dreamy and happy state even though he’s lonely.

The ambient song stretches across multiple genres of electronica and
pop with elements of psychedelia. The numerous drops add an edge
of suspense which goes with the inherent longing of the song.

The arrangement is beautiful with the trumpet played by Aldrin
Dominic Alex creating smooth beds for all the other elements to
blossom and play in. Backing vocals have been provided by Kevin
and Kashy. Production is by Anand Kashinath as a part of their collaborative album Quarantino and is equally flawless as all aspects have been given equal space.

If this song is any standard to go by, Mr. Kev – who released an
album ‘Dummy in Love: Detox Overdose’ at the start of this year – is
surely a musician to watch out for in the coming years.

Verdict: Dreaming in colourful sonic beds

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