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DJ Skip (feat. Suvi) – Vibe is Trippy: Score Indie Reviews

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Skipster or DJ skip is a turntablist, DJ, sound designer and songwriter. The wizard on the decks mixes a smorgasbord of sounds to create his own. Skipster is well known for fusing his innovative scratching techniques with Dubstep, Hip-Hop and Trap music. His versatile and experimental sound helped him win the Red Bull Thre3Style contest in 2011 and 2012. He represented India at the global stage on both those occasions. He also finished third in the show category at the 2013 IDA World DJ Championships.

Skipster or DJ Skip has also played some of the biggest music festivals across the country such as Vh1 Supersonic, Sunburn, Enchanted Valley Carnival, Circus Indigo, MTV Bloc Party, GO:MADras, and Fete de la Music (Chennai). For his latest track “Vibe”, Skipster has joined forces with “Wonder Woman” singer Suvi Suresh. She rose to prominence as a part of the band S5 and went on to collaborate with top Bollywood music directors such as A.R. Rahman and Mani Ratnam.

However, she wanted to do more than playback singing and moved to the United States to sharpen her songwriting and performing skills, in the vein of her idols Michael Jackson and Lauryn Hill. Let’s find out more about their collaboration “Vibe”.

The track starts with an ethereal, dreamy intro which sets up the (for the lack of a better word) vibe of the song very well. The atmospheric intro grabs your imagination and the solid beat and rhythm gets you hooked straight up and carries you along. Suvi’s vocals are layered with multiple digital effects in certain parts and sound quite “atmospheric”. That’s balanced very well with her regular voice singing the main verse of the song. Her vocal tone is rich and goes very well with the song. She does a good job expressing the lyrics with her delivery. 

Moving on to the rhythmic effects of the song, the beat is incredibly catchy and bound to make even an Egyptian mummy’s head bob. The rhythm flows very well from note to note and does a great job maintaining the vibe of the song. The musical arrangement is very tasteful and goes very well with the vocals.

Skipster does a great job of not letting the beat turn into a repetitive, monotonous humming by providing subtle changes to the dynamics. “Vibe” has been embellished with some wonderful digital effects which never appear like that they have been put there to cover up for something. The production and mixing is almost flawless, wouldn’t expect anything less from someone like Skipster. If you listen to “Vibe” while playing the “try not to bob your head challenge”, you will lose that challenge every time.

Verdict: An endless trip condensed in less than three minutes.

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