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Author: Aditi Sarawagi

Musicology - Score Short Reads

Musicology – Score Short Reads

As the world progresses and India becomes global, non-conventional careers are increasingly becoming the norm. The music or entertainment industry is no longer looked down upon and with digitalization and

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Future of Indi-Pop in India

Future of Indi-Pop in India

Indian pop music also known as Indi-pop, I-pop, or Hindi-pop, refers to pop music produced in India that is independent from movie soundtracks. Indi-Pop saw a boom in the 90’s

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Best music podcasts in India

Audiences today are seeking varied, intuitive, and engaging content which can be easily consumed on the go or while doing other tasks. Podcasts serve exactly that purpose and therefore have

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India’s musical diversity

Like many other aspects, music in India is also diverse because of its cultural diversity. Almost every Indian city has a different genre of music specific to it. If you

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Ghazal in the 21 st Century

Rains pouring, hot tea piping-and all you need is a soulful ballad playing in the background. The romantic in you plays a poignant tune by the Ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh. The

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