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Unusual Music Genres You Need to Hear Now – Score Short Reads

Unusual Music Genres You Need to Hear Now – Score Short Reads

Music has a special place in everyone’s heart and everyone has different taste in music. Along with creating music for everyone, artists these days are open to experimentation and the internet has made it possible for unusual music genres to thrive and gain popularity. Here are some musical genres which are actually real:


Lowercase is an extreme form of minimalist music created by American artist Steve Roden in 2001 in his album ‘Forms of Paper’. He handled different types of paper on different surfaces and recorded the sound thereby recording the tiny sounds and amplifying it further by creating ambient electronic music. Artists record and remix sounds from everyday objects like paper and light bulbs.

Listen to: Airria by Steve Roden

Cute Metal (Kawaii Core)

This is a “cute” genre as cute a genre can be. It combines the dark imagery of metal and the melodies of Japanese Pop music. Japanese band Babymetal is credited for cute metal.

Listen to: Sakura Saku by Yunomi

Black MIDI

Black MIDI is a musical genre wherein MIDI(Musical Instrument Digital Interface) files are remixed and millions of notes are added to it. These compositions are fast and maximalist. They cannot be played or recorded but can only be created digitally. It was created in 2009 and is also known as impossible music because it has millions of notes and is hence impossible for a musician to play by hand. If the notes were written in standard music notation, the compositions would be completely black, hence the name Black MIDI.

Listen to: Red Zone by John L. Sinneslöschen


You might not have heard of Spytrack before but it is hugely popular and is even an official Spotify genre. It is a type of music which sounds like it should be a part of a spy movie soundtrack!

Listen to: Sour Times by Portishead


Vaporwave is a micro-genre which creates mash-ups of different audio elements digitally which include YouTube samples, music from other micro-genres like Chillwave, samples from 1980’s songs or commercials and create electronic songs of jazz and funk genre. It is often termed as elevator music for the current digital generation. This genre was made popular with Eccojams by Chuck Person.

Listen to: Enjoy Yourself by Saint Pepsi


Chiptune is also known as Chip Break or Chip Music. It’s unusuality lies in the fact that it is an electronic form of music which is created by mixing sound chips from arcade machines and video games. This music sounds like a track from a video game but sometimes contains lyrics as well.

Listen to: Random Chiptune Radio on YouTube

Medieval Folk Rock

Medieval folk rock is basically traditional rock which has been mixed with renaissance and baroque music. Developed in Western Europe in the 1970’s, this genre of music hardly uses any electronic instruments. 

Listen to: Opening Move by Gryphon

Electro Swing

Also known as Swing House, electro swing originated in the 90’s and was created by EDM artists like Doop and Jurassic 5. It is a combination of vintage jazz and swing records mixed with hop-hop and EDM. Jazz tunes are added with hip hop and EDM to create a unique genre.

Listen to: Lone Digger by Caravan Palace

Bubble Trance

Bubble trance is a combination of a number of trance genres like dream trance, hard trance, and progressive trance. These melodies are mixed with hardstyle bass, house techno and are the result of unique experimentation.

Listen to: Outside World by Sunbeam

There are several other unusual music genres which include horror country, math rock, German reggae, pirate metal, mumble rap, and bossa nova. While musical genres like rap, hip hop, jazz, pop all have a faithful following, there are different types of music waiting to be discovered. These fusion and obscure music genres are worth expanding your playlists for.

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