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Best music podcasts in India

Audiences today are seeking varied, intuitive, and engaging content which can be easily consumed on the go or while doing other tasks. Podcasts serve exactly that purpose and therefore have huge growth potential as increased smartphone penetration, internet accessibility and listeners craving diversity has made conventional content redundant. By 2020, the global podcast industry is projected to reach $20 billion. The US is the most advanced podcast market but podcasts are becoming increasingly popular in India as well.

Maed in India by Mae Thomas

Considered to be India’s first music podcast, Maed In India is hosted by Mae Thomas, a journalist and former RJ. It is an indie music podcast focusing on independent artists and the indie music scene. Along with discussions and conversations with the artists, listeners are entertained with live music on the podcast as well. This podcast promotes the indie music culture and introduces you to new music from a variety of genres like hip hop, blues, folk, and even rock. This podcast is not only making waves in India but internationally as well.

Horns Up

This one is for heavy metal lovers. Hosted by Mumbai based heavy metal fans-Peter Kotikalapudi and Animesh Das, this podcast had its origins in social media and it is a treat for heavy metal fans. This podcast reviews heavy metal albums and hosts discussions on the developments in this genre. Conversations move on Indian as well as international artists so heavy metal is explored in its totality. The hosts are passionate and their love for the genre resonates with every episode.

Saregama Weekend Classic Retro Music

With everyone going digital, India’s favourite old school recording company has also adapted itself to the Z generation’s wants and has come up with its very own podcast-Saregama Weekend Classic Retro Music. It is a digital radio show which plays old Bollywood numbers from as far back as the 60’s. It also talks about old stories and anecdotes on yesteryear movies, songs, directors, singers and stars. It talks about the legendary journeys of artists like Lata Mangeshkar, Mohd. Rafi, R.D.Burman, Kishore Kumar and many more.

Bhangra and Beyond

A music show hosted by DJ Rekha, Bhangra and Beyond is exactly what its title suggests-a podcast on Bhangra and its variations. DJ Rekha is well known as being one of the first DJ’s to merge Bhangra sounds with EDM and for making it more adhering to the contemporary audience. This Punjabi folk music appeals to all age groups and is popular worldwide. Interesting anecdotes regarding the genre add to the show’s appeal as well.

Curry Smugglers

Curry Smugglers is a podcast which plays upbeat Bollywood and Desi music. It showcases the work of the best DJ’s from around the world and plays non-stop music handpicked and selected for a chilled-out evening with friends and family.

Maximum India: An Exploration of Indian Music

This podcast is on Indian instruments and their various soundscapes. There are discussions on the myriad sounds of India, the roots of these sounds, how they are influential and how they resonate with audiences even today. Maximum India, hosted by Hari Sreenivasan explores instruments, their various types, and their unique sounds. It also talks about the diversity of the instruments which vary in different states as well.

Podcasts are the newest entry to the infotainment sector and are here to stay as one of the fastest growing digital innovations today. Music has connected the country together and these podcasts are just a part of the ever growing podcast list in India.


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