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Author: Aditi Sarawagi

Background scores in Indian Films

Background score in Indian Cinema!

Music plays an important role in cinema, theatre and even television. Not only are complete musical scores important, background scores also play a very important role in setting the temperament

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Advertising Jingles

Popular Advertisement Jingles

Music is a universal medium which is used in different spheres like movies, videos, documentaries and even advertisements. Marketing aficionados did not stay back and composed jingles to use as

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Music Therapy

Music Therapy!

Not only does music help one relax, it is said to activate certain parts of your brain which are otherwise not in use. Using this very phenomenon, researchers have come

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Music Food for Soul

Music: Food for the Soul

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”  -Berthold Auerbach Any living being needs food to survive. Food gives our bodies the energy it requires to function

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