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Shivansh Jindal | Anshuman Sharma – Laapata: Score Indie Reviews

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Shivansh Jindal is a 22 years old singer songwriter from Delhi, graduated from Delhi University. Trained in Hindustani Classical for almost 15 years now and having a knack for involving classical elements in his songwriting, Shivansh writes songs with a contemporary approach and yet with an effort to make classical more accessible to the average listener. Shivansh has been an All India Radio and Delhi Doordarshan artist and has won several awards for his solo performances. 

Previously, his single, “Pata Nahi” was well received by the audience. Produced by Salim Sulaiman, “Pata Nahin” got global visibility and appreciation with over 1 million plus listeners across platforms. 

Shivansh’s songwriting is simple with an attempt to capture relatable emotions and his music has a hybrid urban and classical sound. He has recently released his track “Laapata” and that’s what we are reviewing here.

“Laapata” has been produced by popular music producer Anshuman Sharma who is very popular for his viral mashups such as Mujhe Drugs Do’ parody. However, he is more than just a clever guy who stitches funny clips together, he is a great producer as well. Let’s find out more. 

“Laapata” talks about being lost in your memories of the past. The song talks about finding oneself but getting lost in the process and coming back to square one. Shivansh is known for his relatable song writing and compositions. The song has a hybrid sound with electronic elements coupled with Indian acoustic sounds of Sitar and Sarangi. The song is crafted in a way that it pleases the mass audience and niche Classical lovers equally.

“Laapata” is a dreamy, dramatic and sophisticated work of considerable artistry. The interesting mix of different elements in the music makes it a work of great intelligence, honesty and occasional quirk. All of that is topped off by the great vocal performance of Shivansh Jindal and the immaculate production of Anshuman Sharma.

Verdict: Very Interesting.

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