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Amartya Bobo Rahut powers a gritty love anthem with his new single Thikana: Score Indie Reviews

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Having considerable experience with independent music and film scores, Amartya Bobo Rahut has proven his versatility. With Thikana, he shines with his both his vocal and production skills. The new release plays out as a gritty love ballad with lazily-paced drums and intense guitars (thanks to Aditya Shankar).

The song builds up slowly with a segue into a powerful chorus that stands out when compared to other formulaic rock songs in the recent indie scene. As for the lyrics penned by Niket Pandey, they dwell on musing about an obsessive love for a woman that’s charming and yet mysterious.

The protagonist is head over heels in love and doesn’t care about the ominous air around her. He does not care about the consequences or his own “thikana” (whereabouts). As some of the lyrics imply, the character just leaves his situation on “Allah” and his fate. 

To accelerate the impact of this narrative, a stunning music video accompanies Thikana. A comic book-like visual by Ajinkya Patekar and Ashu Kambli tells us the story of a man following a woman on a dim-lit night, only to find her in an underground cult. When the cult members chase him, she switches sides and shoots them down. Eventually, both lovers run into a rainy abyss.

This classic neo-noir story is the perfect accompaniment to a cinematic song like this. The aforementioned grittiness makes Thikana a perfect listen for new-age rock listeners. As for laypersons, it’s neither too heavy nor too light. Rahut has yet again proven his versatility by finding a “thikana” with his community of listeners. 

Verdict: Atmospheric and cinematic with a stunning neo-noir video. 

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