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Ashwin Adwani – Jugnoo: Score Indie Reviews

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Ashwin Adwani, a singer-songwriter from Indore has teamed up with Kareema Barry to bring us one of the cutest music videos of the year. Jugnoo talks about letting go of all your inhibitions and taking chances. Sometimes, all you need is that one person (your Jugnoo) to pave the way for you.

In moments when one feels lost and restricted, that one person teaches you how to fly and be free. In the music video, Kareema teaches Ashwin (both fireflies) how to fly and live life. 

In his short career, Ashwin’s been making big moves – including a collaboration with Jonita Gandhi and Lost Stories for ‘Mai Ni Meriye’. The song has garnered over 10 million views on YouTube and over 5 million streams. 

Ashwin’s last release ‘Parchaiyon Mein’ went on to become the #1 indie pop record on Apple Music, India. Known for his vivid lyrics and infectious melodies, Ashwin has been steadily growing an avid social media audience engaging with his every move, attributed to his growing music repertoire and vibrant personality. 

Talking about the release, Ashwin says “Jugnoo is a very special song for me because it taught me how to take a leap of faith. Finding your person, your tribe, your Jugnoo who inspires you to be yourself and let go of all your inhibitions is exactly what Jugnoo is all about”.

Equally emotional and intelligent, Jugnoo is the work of a skillful craftsman with instinctive musical gifts, rising to such heights on this occasion that will make any music fan jump with joy. Ashwin Adwani doesn’t just write great musical parts, he knows how to arrange them for maximum impact, and how to play with tension and release, without an ounce of cheesiness or overstatement.

Ashwin Adwani’s “Jugnoo” is comfortingly familiar, yet fresh and innovative, underpinned throughout by his personal approach truly coming into its own.

Verdict: Calming.

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