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January 2024 issue ft Serendipity arts Festival on the cover!

The Score Magazine January 2024: Serendipity Arts Festival Unveiled!

Serendipity Arts Festival: Artists’ Voices Echo

  • Score Indie Quickie: Ditty
  • Interview with Shilpa, Founder of Soundhammer
  • A Guitarist’s Wardrobe
  • In Conversation with Anil Chopra, Palm Expo India
  • Quirks & Queries: Vishnupriya
  • Unleash Your Musical Leadership: MMusL Program at NUS
  • Harmonizing Minds: Music Education in Indian Schools
  • How To Setup A Great Recording Studio At Home
  • Buying New Gear For DJs: Should You Even Bother?
  • Revolutionizing DJing: Numark Mixstream Pro + and Pro Go Explored
  • The NAMM Show 2024: Who Should Attend?
  • Innovation in Tune: What to Expect at The NAMM Show 2024
  • Distribution Decoded: Why Attend The NAMM Show?
  • 5 Gadgets To Take Your Social Media Content To The Next Level
  • What Is MIDI And How Does It Work?
  • Eclipsing the Mainstream: 5 Must-Follow Indie Music Labels in India
  • Unlocking Growth: The Score Magazine’s Musical Odyssey Begins!
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