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Shivansh Jindal – Pata Nahin is Introspective: Score Indie Reviews

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Shivansh Jindal is a 22 year old singer songwriter from Delhi. A Delhi University alum, Shivansh Jindal has trained in Hindustani Classical music for 15 years. He is known for his knack of involving classical elements in his songwriting. Shivansh writes songs with a contemporary approach and makes an effort to make classical music more accessible to the uninitiated listeners with his delectable fusion.

Shivansh has been an All India Radio and Delhi Doordarshan artist and has won several awards for his solo performances. Shivansh’s songwriting is simple with an attempt to capture relatable emotions and his music has a hybrid urban and classical sound. He has recently released a single titled “Pata Nahin” and that’s the track we are reviewing here.

With ‘Pata Nahin’, Shivansh Jindal has created something that bridges both his classical training and his knack for contemporary music. The result of that is a thoroughly original work, which is completely his own. The track has layers of traditional Indian music but it also glistens with a contemporary, almost poppy sheen. It’s a successful combination of his love of the old and the new to enthrall our ears with a sound that feels genuinely exciting.

Musically, the track starts with a “chill” lo-fi beat which creates a relaxing atmosphere that carries on for three minutes and 29 seconds. Shivansh Jindal’s soft vocals blend perfectly with a delectable smorgasbord of sounds ranging from classical tunes to modern instrument pieces.

What truly makes “Pata Nahin” tick is the precise balance that it strikes between experimental work and traditional compositions. “Pata Nahin” isn’t some adventurous endeavour that breaks some new ground in the world of fusion music. However, it is a great addition to any fusion music playlist in general. The groovy, lo-fi nature of the track ensures that it goes beyond that as well. 

With “Pata Nahin”, Shivansh Jindal has taken some traditional mesmerizing melodies and presented them in a contemporary fashion which transcends genres. The fact that he tells an honest story through that makes “Pata Nahin” an even bigger achievement. It has the power to spread over all your playlist like spilled water. Time to press play and tip the cup over.

Verdict: Tuneful and pleasant.

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