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After a long day of heavy emotions, count on Osho Jain’s release ‘Sabun Dil’ to lift your spirits – Score Indie Reviews

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Everybody talks about your ‘inner child’ and some might roll their eyes at the mention of it. But instead of the idea of an ‘inner child’ how about just being nice and child-like without any guilt? That might be difficult but it certainly helps lifts your spirits to hop and skip while swinging your arms. Osho Jain’s release ‘Sabun Dil’ does that and maybe can inspire you pick yourself up by being carefree and happy. 

The song is a really pretty and simple one with a great blues guitar solo that adds a lot of life to the story being told through the video. And that video is a light-hearted ball of sunshine filled with colour. After a break-up or any heavy emotions, being this light-hearted can really help change your perspective on things and that’s what’s shown in the video.

If it doesn’t inspire you to make a change, you can be sure it’ll crack a smile on your face. Osho Jain’s approach to this song is clearly one that involves making a fun project and it succeeds at being a fun experience for the audience. 

Verdict: Uplifting and encouraging.

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