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Osho Jain – Saar: Score Indie Reviews

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With his debut album set to step into the world, Osho Jain has carefully poured out all his emotions and experiences into seven songs and two poems. “Saar” meaning “summary” in Hindi, is a  gist of everything he has understood about life, love and existence. 

The honesty and simplicity of this album will make you travel to your old times and sit with your younger self to give them a pat on the back for doing so good. It’s like an old box full of memories that you always keep safe with you. 

From “Hamara Ho Gaya” to “Bohot Hua” ending on “Pyaare”, Osho has collaborated with two other beautiful artists to make it sound like home. 

Osho hopes “Saar” finds you at the right time for all the right reasons. 

Singing in a soft voice, building from acoustic templates and utilizing the sweet vocals of Sanchi from time to time, Osho Jain makes dreamy, soothing music that is full of wide open spaces, as exemplified in the gentle opening strum of “Humara Ho Gaya”.

The album closes on a more up tempo note with “Pyaare” but features the same minimalist, acoustic musical leitmotif prevalent throughout the album. It is a perfect closer to an album that asks all the right questions and gives us the most beautifully melodic answers.

Witnessing the confluence of sincere and effective songwriting is truly a privilege and Osho Jain does a fantastic job of bringing them together on “Saar”. All of that goodness is punctuated with earnest and soulful performances by everyone involved in the project. A truly splendid effort.

Verdict: Beautifully mellow

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