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Frizzell D’Souza’s new release makes you fall in love it Just As Easily – Score Indie Reviews

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We all have that one love in our lives that we can’t get over. We keep comparing other people we meet to that specific person. Reminiscing their habits in each movement of the rest of our lives. That bittersweet feeling of longing is what we crave for. This new release by Bangalore based Singer-songwriter Frizzell D’Souza is all about that love.

Just as we hit play, we hear a soothing sound created by acoustic guitar and a metronome which slowly grabs one’s attention as Frizzell’s amazing vocals come into play. The song is a very easy listen with emotions laced into it that everyone can relate to. Adding to the experience is the string arrangement which takes the song to another level. 

Lyrics of the song have both intimacy and universality, something which has been a successful formula for songs for ages. As she speaks of time flowing through but still being stuck on that memory of someone, one can do nothing but be reminiscent of their own experiences in love. A yearning of falling in love back again is what looms over the mind.
This song is a perfect addition to our Hopeless Romantic playlist. A song we fall in love with Just As Easily. This release is a perfect tease for Frizzell’s upcoming EP “The Hills Know Of You”, which is due in October.

Verdict: Soothing, a song which makes you remember your old love.

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