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Utsavi Jha’s release ‘Chanchal Mann’ is a heartwarming little song with a video that’ll get you smiling ear to ear – Score Indie Reviews

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This is one of those songs where the music video is just as important to the experience, as the actual song. And the video is really cute and adorable. It matches the vibe of the song that Utsavi Jha has crafted. ‘Chanchal Mann’ is about crushes and the idea of finding someone to be with. What starts off as meeting someone for the first time at a function, goes on to outline a full story of a life together; only to be a dream that could potentially happen. 

A song that is really intimate and cute, it revolves mainly around guitar instrumentation and well written and sung vocal lines. However, the video is the star of the show here because it includes tiny little moments between a couple and they are adorable to say the least. The music and the song fits so well with the video and the way it all comes together, really puts a smile on your face.

A brilliantly written and played guitar solo too manages to grab your attention only before the video steals it back. It may be a review of a song but the video is really the highlight and it is worth checking out. The tune is guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings and bring a smile with a video that will match. 

Verdict: Heartwarming and well-written.

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