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Nivé – Hath Ki Safai is Smooth: Score Indie Reviews

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Nivedita Lakra aka Nivé has always been a music buff. Influenced by her father, she has been enjoying music and singing from a tender age. She started performing music after moving to Chennai from New Delhi. She recently collaborated with Kevin Fernando on his sultry single “Foxy”. Fans of that naughty song would definitely recognise Nivedita Lakra’s voice in her debut solo single “Hath Ki Safai”. Let’s find out more about the song.

Unlike “Foxy”, Nivé has sung her debut single in Hindi.  “Hath Ki Safai” features a rather unique sound, which is something that is hard to get for most musicians on their debut effort. The slow, crisp clockwork beats draw on trip hop to be sure, but it isn’t some derivative rip off of a million trip hop songs that we have heard before.

Nivé manages to make the sound uncluttered and somewhat minimal in the process, making it more palatable in the process. The song has a magical synth gliding in the background, against which we have gentle acoustic guitar melodies, subtly growling basslines, and the crispy vocals of Nivé that sound really fantastic. “Hath ki Safai” is simplicity in slow motion; emotional, somewhat playful and immensely enjoyable. 

Lyrically, “Hath Ki Safai” deals with heartbreak and it traces its origins to a poem. Even though the subject matter of the track deals with sadness, musically, the song exists in a kind of emotional twilight; neither dark nor light, reflective but not sad, steeped in mystery and quiet wonder. The spaces in between are as profound as the notes. Kudos to the top notch mixing and production work on the track. It’s definitely a sign of even greater things to come from Nivé in the future. For now, show your sleight of hand with that replay button.

Verdict: Pretty, moody, melancholy.

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