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Mosambee X Raghav Meattle X Saxontoast – Push It is Relaxing: Score Indie Reviews

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Lo-fi music has rapidly risen in popularity in the past few years. Its popularity really shot up during the COVID-19 lockdown when people used its chill/relaxing vibe to overcome the drudgery of being forced indoors for months. 

What exactly is lo-fi though? Technically speaking, it refers to “low fidelity”, a term used to describe audio recordings which contain technical flaws and often sound subpar when compared to the live sound being recorded.

The discrepancy in quality may be attributed to anything from distortion to background noise, or even a limited frequency response of the recording devices themselves. Eh, while all the technical stuff is well and good, what exactly does it sound like? And why do people like it so much? Well, lo-fi music consists of mellow tones, slow to moderate tempos, reverb, synth, sampling (of dialogue, ambient noise, and other songs) and nostalgia galore.

Some lo-fi tracks have a sleepy vibe, some are dreamy, some hypnotic, but there is one thing that they all have in common, they are all great for multitasking. Lo-fi songs are busy enough to remind you that you’re listening to music, but not to be distracting. The effect of Lo-fi music can be described in one word, “cocooning”. Lo-fi wraps you in predictable, soft sound, protecting your thinking from the unpredictable and harsh outside world. That helps you relax and focus.

You get more done as a result. Lo-fi music usually doesn’t have vocals so that the listener doesn’t get distracted by the lyrics. However, when performed correctly, it can add another element to the track. “Push It” by Mosambee, Raghav Meattle and Saxontoast is one such song. Let’s find out more about it.

If there is one way to describe “Push It”, it’s that it features all that is great about Lo-fi music. Mosambee’s wonderful, “chill” beat has some floaty and dreamy Saxontoast sax drizzled all over it. Raghav Meattle’s laid-back vocal performance does a great job of building on the overall vibe of the track. 

The strongest way that we respond to music is based on the associations we’ve had with it. “Push It” creates an atmosphere where people want to feel relaxed and perhaps go back to their childhood, back when things were less stressful (or not stressful at all). 

Verdict: Thoroughly enjoyable.

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