Artist of the month: Kevin Fernando Singer-Songwriter -Performer – Playback singer

Artist of the month: Kevin Fernando Singer-Songwriter -Performer – Playback singer

Who or what inspired you to become a musician?

This is actually quite interesting. I was always shy and I’d never sing in front of a crowd. In 12th grade, there was a competition and I was forced to participate in the auditions. There was a senior who had passed out of school, who had come down to school to judge the different voices and choose the best voices to add to the competition. The song that was given to us was “Free Falling” and I reluctantly went in last and sang to him.

He heard me sing and went, “Where have you been all this while? You’ve got such a wonderful voice”. At that time, when I had no idea about Independent Music, I only used to look up to this senior who also happened to be the front-man of the band “Blacklisted”. I used to love the band and the fact that I got him to like my voice piqued my interest in music.

Did you go through any formal music training? How did you learn music?

I’ve never had any formal training. It’s funny how much you can learn when you keep listening to something on loop. My singing skills developed completely from trying to figure out how other artists sing. Playing the guitar on the other hand, has a funny story attached to it. I started going for competitions to sing and I noticed that I had to rely on someone to accompany me.

I ended up getting an expensive guitar which I never got to learning. A few months later though, I had a feeling that people might start making fun of me for buying an expensive guitar and not using it. So I sat down, opened YouTube and started learning. 

You have a wide repertoire of music with you. How do you manage to create music that is diverse thus catering to wider audiences?

This comes from the fact that I listen to a lot of music. Even if it’s something that I don’t listen to, I’d try to give it a listen to see what I can learn from it. Over a period of time of constant learning from different sources across genres and my curiosity to dwell into all of it, made me make different types of songs. I’ve always been someone who’s looked for validation from all types of people. So my music tends to do the same.

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