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Kevin Fernando ft Nivedita Lakra – Foxy is Brilliantly Seductive: Score Indie Reviews

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Kevin Fernando is a singer-songwriter, playback singer and performer from Chennai. He started his musical journey in 2014, with the electronica/indie-rock band Vertigo formed in Chennai. With his band, Kevin Fernando performed all over India, notably in venues such as Fandom at Gilly’s Redefined, The Humming Tree, Kappa TV, etc. Recently, Kevin Fernando released his EP titled Chérie through Kobalt owned AWAL. He has also worked on movies such as Vidhi Madhi Ultaa (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) as a playback singer.

Kevin Fernando had been considering changing his sound as he felt that his voice and way of singing was more suited to a pop sound. After mulling on this thought for some time, Kevin Fernando finally decided to go ahead with it and his sexy new single, “Foxy” was the result. Let’s find out more about the song. 

“Foxy” is a song that definitely lives up to its name. No, it isn’t a nursery rhyme about a clever fox that lived in a forest. This song is more about the kind of “foxy business” that adults partake in. This song has no sexual undertones, and that’s because everything is on the top. It’s as direct a song about the idea of getting it on as one can write. The song starts in a somewhat subtle manner, heats up slowly and it eventually climaxes (yes, we went there) with the chorus. 

Kevin Fernando and Nivedita Lakra have done a great job singing this song. Their vocal tone and delivery are perfect for the subject matter of the song. The lyrics are simple, fun and relatable. The chorus has a lot of power to get stuck in your head with ease. The words flow with ease, adding to the track’s musicality, and of course the subject matter of the song is what everyone enjoys.

“Foxy” is a really fun song which sounds fun and sexy, without sounding overly sleazy. This groovy number was recorded and produced at Shimmr studios. Sivanesh Natarajan mixed and mastered the track while Ashwin Vinayagamoorthy handled production duties. The result is a very international sounding track which definitely broadens its appeal. The wonderful beats on “Foxy” make it a great dance track too(the kind of dance where the pants stay on). So you can definitely enjoy this song in a more PG-13 manner if you like. Rated R is where all the fun’s at though. 

Check out the awesome lyrics video to read all the naughty stuff that’s being sung.

Verdict: Playful, fun and sexy.

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