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Arrows and Siddharth Basrur Join Forces for an athemic power ballad called Buried To Dust: Score Indie Reviews

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Mumbai-based artist David Britto is one of the minds behind the track writing and composing it. Arrows happens to be his collaborative project through which he often helms joint efforts with guest vocalists. The end-product in this case is definitely worth a listen, brimming with introspective lyrics while also providing an anthemic aura, resonant with the work of older Indian rock outfits like Indus Creed.

As we saw in the previous year, Siddharth Basrur is a much sought-after vocalist (particularly in the rock scene) getting featured on one track after the other. However, compared to his recent collaborations, Buried To Dust is quite a standout. 

The lyrical elements boast of this cynical sense of observation following the aftermath of destruction. The hook (“buried to dust, within the sea”) along with the refrain (“torn to pieces, everything crumbled under me…”) can be strangely comparable to the work of artists who often rely on descriptive nature-driven metaphors like Pompeii and Things We Lost In The Fire hitmakers Bastille. 

Getting back to Arrows’ track, the composition seems pretty much straightforward in its rock approach beginning with an ambient set of verses and two chrouses followed by a phased-out instrumental interlude, concluding with an upbeat, headbanging final reprise of the chorus as the guitars and drums pick up pace.

The chorus is of course worth mentioning with the titular phrase being repeated over and over again at a soothing scale. Despite the song’s seemingly tragic poetry, the overall sound is pretty comforting. Basrur’s production is at par with his vocal abilities, without a doubt.  Buried To Dust stands strong in its own right.

The song is boosted further in its comforting approach with a simplistic and charming music video. Directed by Blake D’Silva, the video finds Britto and Basrur appearing in cameos while Kristofor Mendonca takes the spotlight as he doesn’t just lip-sync to the song but also very convincingly plays the “air-guitar” supported by some energetic “air-drumming”.

During the chorus portions, he is joined by two dancers (Shivani Mistry and Kunaal Sangtani) and he lifelessly moves around with his hands giving off a deadpan feel to his routine.

There’s a certain minimalistic charm to the entire visual that weirdly suits Buried To Dust. One would think that such a power ballad would have a typically “inspirational” video attached to it, complete with cliches of a sportsperson or a traveller. On the contrary, D’Silva’s 5-minute short fits perfectly.

Verdict: At no cost should this song get buried to dust.

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