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Run To The Ocean finds Jeremiah de Rozario exploring the concept of one’s ‘safe corner’: Score Indie Reviews

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Jeremiah de Rozario’s new single Run To The Ocean joins many other tracks of 2020 that seem to offer some hope and optimism in these unruly and unpredictable times of the pandemic. An upbeat, slow-paced song, Run To The Ocean uses ‘the ocean’ as a metaphor for the listeners’ safe space. 

This concept is further explored in the crowdsourced music video too as it features footage from various people sending their aesthetic visions of what home (or this so-called ‘safe space’) means to them. The visuals much like the overall atmosphere of the song are increasingly gentle and calming, especially for fans of ‘feel-good’ artists like Jason Mraz. 

Rozario’s vocals are relaxed and have a certain richness to it making the song feel very complete. It’s not a totally unique sound but it’s good enough for you to remember (especially its hook). Rahul Ranganath handles the production and mixing, and his gentle guitaring further embellishes Run To The Ocean. 

Lyrically, the concept of the song is universal and uses escapist themes for one to feel merry and safe in their own world. And such a song makes even more sense in 2020 when the whole world came to a halt. Jeremiah de Rozario’s song hence points to the possibility that we all are in this together, while offering the hope that we all would make it through the tough times to get back to our ocean, our home, our safe corner..

Verdict: Soothing acousticic vibes for a lazy evening. 

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