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4 Awesome Sound Design Tools for Music Production

The Weaponizer

The Weaponizer by Krotos Audio is the ultimate tool for designing sounds for video games or films where such sounds are needed. Craft a weapon sound asset from the ground up by layering up to four samples from a vast and searchable library for each of the temporal stages of the sound using four engines referred to as: Onset, Body, Thump and Tail modules.

These modules all include synth modules that can augment the sample or be used independently, while the Tail engine allows access to a convolution reverb. Each has an independent effects chain that can include: EQ, Limiter, Saturation, Flanger, Transient Shaper,Ring Modulation, and Noise Gate. It’s sort of a self-contained four channel DAW intended to create everything from aggressive firepower to crunchy impacts and whizzing projectiles.

Sound design for action films or gaming? this plugin is an obvious choice. But, this plugin can be used by music producers to create drum sounds using the same well-designed engines.

Many Foley and FX sounds work beautifully in a musical and rhythmic context, and that their spectral richness and inherent rhythmic complexity is underappreciated. The Weaponzier is the perfect software to bridge sound effects and music production which offers producers an elegant means to expand their sound palette.

Have a look at the Dehumanizer and Reformer plugins by Krotos Audio in exploring sound design tools for musical applications.

Trash 2

Trash 2 by iZotope takes distortion and saturation to a new level of mayhem. This will destroy whatever enters its signal chain in surprising and unusual ways sure to delight even the most demented noise-aholics.

Using various filters, wave shapers, LFOs, envelopes, impulse response files, multiband dynamic processing, delay and distortion algorithms, the user can craft the distorted sounds of their dreams.

The plugin features sophisticated visualizations and metering giving the user the necessary relevant audio and visual feedback for creating well-crafted sounds with healthy dynamic levels. There is a great collection of general presets organized under the categories: Classic Textures, Aggressive, Edge, Experimental, Heavy, Percussive, Subtle, and Utility.

Filter and Wave Shaper presets are also available to help you get started. This is a must-have plug that’s more like an instrument than an effect.


Wormhole from Zynaptiq is a multi-effects plugin capable of “alien ambiences, starship drones, monster, ambient octave-shift tails, and robot voices,” and otherworldly effects possible via complex effects chains.

It use a combination of unique spectral warping, rich reverb algorithms, pitch shifting and morphing to enhance sustained sounds creating lovely evolving soundscapes or adding variety and complexity to rhythmic content.

Wormhole is a perfect mechanism for awakening the hidden sounds lying dormant in the spectral content of existing material.

Logic Pro: Alchemy and Sculpture

Apple’s Logic Pro remains probably the most awesome DAW on the market in terms of price. The cheap $199 tag gets you a ton of virtual instruments ranging from the basic ES-M monophonic synth to its flagship instrument, Alchemy.

Developed in 2009 by Camel Audio, this instrument alone is worth the price of Logic Pro. It features a searchable preset matrix to find a sound quickly based on tags and user-defined search terms. The performative morph pad allows instant access, seamless transitioning between preset variations. There are also four source modules in which wave generators or even entire EXS24 sampler instruments can be loaded. There is a granular synth engine, complex signal routing and extensive modulation capabilities that include a variety of LFOs, sequencers and multi-segment envelope generators.

These are the best, well designed tools for creating unique sound design for music production.



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