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Harish Budhwani’s Zinda is a thought-provoking ballad to nature: Score Indie Reviews

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Harish Budhwani has had quite a rising status as a singer-songwriter this year with his last single Saaru Umar. His latest work Zinda is similarly a treatise on philosophical themes brimming with soulful vocal sand innovative songwriting. Before understanding the mellow melody and production behind Zinda, it would be interesting to note the story and lyrical concepts behind the song. 

In Zinda, Budhwani sings from the perspective of a man who can talk to nature. He seems to be an animist, believing that all elements of nature have a life of their own that we often take for granted, especially in today’s times of modernisation and exploitation. As he gets frustrated with convincing others about this belief in the living aspects of nature, he seeks a companion who can understand him and share a common passion for nature. 

It’s a noble thought, transcending over cliched descriptions of nature, life, or love that many other indie-pop singers might fall prey to. The artist feels that this song is perfect for the ones who feel nature and avidly listen to the sound of nature. And one can’t debate that as the melody is indeed very thoughtful and calm. The ambient acoustic guitar suits his vocals that get more intense as the song progresses. In fact, there’s something about Budhwani’s vocals (in Zinda especially) that makes him sound almost similar to Ankur Tewari. So, needless to say, if you are into Ankur Tewari’s music, then you should definitely check out Zinda.

One slight drawback with Zinda might be its duration (nearing almost 5 minutes). While the duration might be justified for the artist’s poetic lyrics, it does feel slightly stretched and a tad bit too slow, considering that the song’s pace remains mostly uniform throughout the entire duration. Barring this, Zinda is still a very unconventionally-written tune that seems like a heartfelt tribute to nature and its various gifts.

Verdict: A heartwarming track with a story that channels the gifts of nature.

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