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Shivang Arora’s Can I Fall For You Again is a chillwave-style smooth jam: Score Indie Reviews

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Can I Fall For You Again, written, performed, and produced by Shivang Arora is a meditative melody that would be perfectly suited for a slow late-night drive or bedtime music. The song seems to bear clear influences of synthwave and chillwave artists like Kavinsky, M83, and The Midnight, who themselves attempt to replicate a synth-heavy. 

The overall ambience is hence pretty transient. Arora doesn’t try to sound too drawly or emotive. His voice is lazy, and peaceful that perfectly suits a medium-paced song like this. The mood can be summed as melancholic and yet somehow uplifting, especially with an instrumental interlude in between. 

Stylistically, Can I Fall For You Again isn’t totally unique. After all, the trippy night-time picture that it seems to paint is slightly derivative and the experience has been replicated by many other artists in such genres. But for what it’s worth, the song is extremely catchy and a more than welcome entry in the indie scene, that’s otherwise mostly being dominated by ukulele or acoustic guitar-driven tunes (or a conventional rock sound). 

So, in the end, while Shivang Arora’s new single might not be the most unique track out there, it’s still worthy of being in your playlist. The 3-minute duration is perfect, and actually, the song’s instrumentation is soothing enough for you to hardly even check the duration. It can even be said that one wouldn’t mind listening to this song even if it was nearly 5 minutes long. That’s why the song gets full points when it comes to the repeatability. 

Verdict: A catchy new release for enthusiasts of chillwave or synthwave music. 

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