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Popular music comes a full circle and Jeanne Merchant’s release ‘Hello and Goodbye’ goes retro – Score Indie Reviews

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Another release from Merchant Records is something that makes a big landing and gains a lot of traction. Which can be said for a lot of releases from major labels. So as a result of this, a lot of artists who’ve been writing music that borrow elements of retro sounds and genres, have managed to create a fairly unique soundscape that has gained a lot of traction. And Jeanne Merchant’s release ‘Hello and Goodbye’ follows in that trend. 

A song drenched in groove, it talks about a familiar tale of high-school crushes and one way streets. Set to a synth and beat driven soundscape, the vocals really drive the song. However the highlight of the song is some really interesting harmony and brilliantly placed chord changes. While all this comes together to create a well produced song, it runs the risk of sounding too much like a lot of other songs out there.

The interesting chord changes have also begun appearing in many pop songs lately. So the song doesn’t really have much to set itself apart from a retro soundscape. It is however a great addition to a retro vibe that’s coming a full circle and its sure to be something that a lot of listeners will enjoy. 

Verdict: Groovy and retro.

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