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Frizzell D’Souza – “Foolish Once Again” is Lovely: Score Indie Reviews

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Bangalore based singer-songwriter, Frizzell D’Souza has had a liking for simple melodies with light-hearted stories. She is fondly known for her style of stripping down songs to their 

bare acoustic minimum on a guitar. Frizzell made her debut as an independent artist in August 2020 with a country-blues single ‘New’ followed by a nostalgia centric second single,‘Drown Away’ in December 2020. This rising indie talent is back with her latest single “Foolish Once Again” and that’s what we are reviewing here.

“Foolish Once Again” flirts with the idea of embracing our tiny blemishes through the art of ballroom dance. Being on the dance floor has had a way of reminding Frizzell D’Souza that everyone has two left feet – some on the dance floor and nearly all of us – in life. You can either choose to dwell on your flaws or trust the moment and let the music steer your way.

The song is the story of a couple finding themselves through ballroom dancing and falling for each other’s naive mistakes. The lyrics are an ode to Frizzell’s years in dance class; to every partner that has laughed with her as she made a mistake and then gently corrected her moves; to every human that errs. 

The project came to fruition through a crowdfunding campaign that was organized in collaboration with Original Dog, a platform dedicated to supporting independent artists. The song was produced by Devadathan Nair in Mangalore, with cello input by Tatiana Kritskaya working from Russia, and keys by Ananya Roy from Pune. 

Throughout the track, Frizzell D’Souza’s cool, controlled vocal delivery stands out. The harmonies add further lustre to the track. The instrumental accompaniment is well-judged, minimalist, and impeccably recorded with plenty of space for Frizzell D’Souza’s incredible voice to do its magic; it’s a very persuasive blend indeed. The stunning cello melodies provide the icing on the cake. “Foolish Once Again” is a magnificent release, which bodes well for Frizzell D’Souza’s future.

Verdict: Shimmering.

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