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Easy Wanderlings’ new EP “Caught in a parade” Translates Vulnerability into Music – Score Indie Reviews

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Easy wanderlings, known for singing about the unspoken little things we feel in our lives to motivating us to follow our dreams in their previous releases, “Caught in a Parade” surely comes as another relatable gift. The heavy themes of the songs of this EP might have caught us off guard, but Easy Wanderlings’ music did a great job of holding those themes with their music to sway the listeners with ease. 

The musical versatility of its band members is its unicity. The 5 tracks EP showcases at least 3 different lead singers and many more harmonizing throughout its course. Each song has a solid theme of bitterness accompanied by strange comfort of it being accepted.

“Enemy” is the first song of the EP. It opens with an intrusive vocal melody. This song is perhaps the most well written song of this EP, and yet the arrangement does not shy away from giving equal importance to the soothing interludes.

The second song of the EP, Center of the universe, offers a chance of reality check to the listeners with the hook line “Even though you’re gone, Everybody loves you, Nobody needs you, Even though you gave it all, This is how the story ends”. The wind instruments neatly tie up the stories of the two protagonists of this song.

Mayflower, the third song has a beautiful chorus that sneaks and creeps on to the listener’s mind for a long time. Collective thought of this song makes it one of the central tracks of this EP. It is followed by a well composed song called “castles in the air”. This one is a sentimental ballad about self-reflection. The song’s tribute and parallelity to radiohead’s “creep” deserves an applause for being clever.

Makin’ my move, the fifth and final song has a chaotic piano intro which quickly turns into a retro vibe. The music of this one definitely makes it the odd one out of this EP, but the lyrics about ‘keeping away and letting go’ screams out its right to be part of this musical ensemble. Couple of strong points about this song are its groovy bassline and the hook.  

Touching upon different themes since its inception, Easy Wanderlings’ this EP is a good reminder that the soul sometimes does wander into a bit of dark side too, and that feeling is okay, we are all on the same side.

Verdict: Brutal, melodic poetry, and empowering.

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