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Easy Wanderlings – Enemy: Score Indie Reviews

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Globally recognized for the delicate and soothing melodies, the Easy Wanderlings is a musical journal of the band members’ cherished memories about soulful conversations, escapades into the majestic wilderness, and of the feelings felt when spending quiet evenings at home.

Having won both National and International awards, the collective has performed extensively across diverse spaces, sharing the stage with inspiring artists like Jose Gonzales, Anoushka Shankar, Alt J and Incubus to name a few. In 2017, they launched their debut album ‘As Written in the Stars’.

The collective made their return with a two track concept EP ‘My Place to You‘, featuring ‘Beneath the Fireworks’ and ‘Madeline’. The collective was invited to showcase their music at SXSW Music Festival 2020 in Austin, Texas. Easy Wanderlings are back with their latest track “Enemy” and that’s what we are reviewing here. 

‘Enemy’ is the introductory track from the upcoming Easy Wanderlings EP “‘Caught in Parade”. The song is a dynamic interlacing of soul & soft rock elements providing an ideal accompaniment to its introspective lyrics. 

The lyrical theme is based on Cancel Culture. It’s something that started as a social change movement and a means to hold individuals in power accountable for their abusive actions. It has now become the “go-to” means of voicing disapproval against anyone, giving no room for change and growth over time, mutating from a force for good to a vicious arm of mob justice.

In such an environment, striving to stand on the right side of everyone’s opinion while expressing yourself is an exhausting burden. No one wants to be hated. But the hypersensitivity of the perpetually offended is bound to find something to be offended by. There are people solely waiting to see you slip, looking for a reason to hate you, to make you the antagonist. 

The stylistically eclectic and intriguing track speaks of despair, emotional fatigue and even dread, eventually leading up to the road to “nowhere”. Dealing with “Cancel Culture” is a daunting task, but definitely something worth fighting for.

Armed with a refreshing, invigorating sound, and packed to the gills with a sense of confidence and maturity in their tune and song writing. Easy Wanderlings have captured a deliciously sweet and smooth sound dipped in honey with “Enemy”. That sweetness serves as a perfect complement for their personal commentary on the malice of “Cancel Culture”, reinforcing their burgeoning presence in the indie music scene.

Verdict: Un-cancellable.

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