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Hautewulf’s New Track is a Trip You Don’t Want to Miss – Score Indie Reviews

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Hautewulf’s New Track is a Trip You Don’t Want to Miss . The thing about good electronic and instrumental music is that the name of the song often sets the mood for what is to follow. “Stars Falling over Kyoto” is one perfect example of such a song. 

Known for having influence of cyberpunk and synthwave in their music, Hautewulf perfectly captures the rhythm of a quiet late night in a culturally bustling city of Japan. The layers and build-up of this song come together to deliver a powerful musical piece to become one of the finest in the ambient sub-genre of electronic music.

As it is said, a good art has the ability to inspire and compliment other work of art and art forms, this song surely proves it to be true. “Stars Falling-” will be considered as a treat for all the dancers out there as the song has great breaks. Digital artists and visualizers would also be enchanted by the track. 

Hauntingly beautiful, this piece has the potential to blend our present surroundings with the essence of Japan’s environment using its musical techniques. The arrangement cleverly places synths that sound like Koto as the melodic lead, and a timed placement of Hocchiku samples between the beats. Not to forget the sound of river water flowing to arouse the unconscious thought of a peaceful Japanese garden.

This song could easily top the ambient progressive synthpop genre in India. Feeding the imagination of it being background score to the main character who is observant, intelligent, and ready for action as the song builds up. All this packed in a three-and-a-half-minute long audio will leave you wanting more of it. This track will set the expectations high for Hautewulf’s upcoming tracks, especially in terms of polishing the sick skills of treating the synth like growing his own baby.

A tip to enjoy this song: Turn off all the lights, maybe have a dim night lamp lit in the corner of your room, breathe and press play on the best music device you have on you.

Verdict: Peaceful, powerful, and ambient.

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