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Abby V & Antara Nandy – Albela Sajan x Apsara Aali is Marvelous: Score Indie Reviews

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Abby V is an award-winning singer, songwriter, music composer and producer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In addition to his extensive training in Indian and Western Classical Music, he has a significant studio and performing experience in R&B, Soul, Pop (English and Indian), Hindi (Bollywood), Tamil, and Jazz. Showcasing his versatility as a musician, Abby has performed various concerts across North America, Southeast Asia and India.

Abby V has also won the Astro International Superstar – a televised worldwide reality singing competition with contestants from all over the world. Having collaborated extensively, on stage and in the studio, with numerous world- renowned musicians, Abby has also composed, arranged and produced numerous film scores, soundtracks, albums and singles over his career. For his latest track “Albela Sajan x Apsara Aali”, he has collaborated with one of his favourite singers Antara Nandy and that’s what we are reviewing here.

“Albela Sajan x Apsara Aali” has its roots in the love that both Abby and Antara share for Raag Ahir Bhairav. They were keen to do a largely A Cappella arrangement of two iconic songs based around this raag. Albela Sajan is a traditional bandish composed by Bhupat Khan ‘Manrang’ in Ahir Bhairav, set to teen taal; and Apsara Aali is an iconic Marathi Lavani composed by Ajay-Atul (originally sung by them and Bela Shende) with lyrics by Guru Thakur from the film, Natarang. 

From the second the song starts, the voices of Abby and Antara that grace your ears are absolutely exquisite. This tune deserves to be on fusion playlists all over the globe, and it deserves to be played over and over. If you really love fusion music (or just music in general), this track reaches down deep into the psyche and stirs your soul in many directions (all at once). The arrangement on the track is totally captivating and it has been recorded flawlessly. The duo’s pacing on the tune is pure perfection as well.

The song gradually builds up to a crescendo and ends in such a dramatic way that it will put Sanjay Leela Bhansali movies to shame. Every single note jumps out of the speakers and resonates off your heart’s strings. If music moves you, this song will move you to Mars before Elon Musk. 

With “Albela Sajan X Apsara Aali”, Abby V and Antara Nandy have created a stunning collaboration. It’s a delightfully delicious brew of Carnatic, Hindustani classical and Bollywood style music. It’s a brew that you will love to get drunk on, many times over. Better start pouring now.

Verdict: Effervescent.

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