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Adi’s 2020 is a melodious farewell to an off-tune year: Score Indie Reviews

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2020 is not that turbulent a song as compared to the year it is based on. The electric guitar arrangement and lyrical composition is quite simple and straightforward in this new single by singer-songwriter Adi. The artist like many others all around the world is lamenting the drastic changes that this year had to offer us, courtesy of COVID-19. But there seems to be an underlying sense of comfort and acceptance with this song. 

Of course, this acceptance also comes from a place of privilege but 2020 makes for a good track if one is looking for some escapism away from the everyday melancholy. Adi’s heavily layered and compressed voice is spacey and dreamy, adding to the relaxing feel that one would desire at the end of this year. In that sense, his voice also resembles artists like Andrew VanWyngarden, the lead singer of American synth-pop band MGMT. So, if one is into foreign bands like MGMT and Empire of the Sun, would dig Adi’s new track. 

As mentioned before, the production is simple and suits the bittersweet tone of the song. Adi laments on how this year had been difficult for people, how the streets had been empty, and so on. Such lyrical elements have been touched upon by several artists before but maybe, Adi’s approach is fresher and livelier. 

Furthermore, his song is more timely now than ever. As this year gears up for its last month, it makes sense to jam to a tune that sounds more lighthearted than mellow. And Adi delivers just that with 2020.

Verdict: This year was bad but the odes to this year have been pretty catchy. Adi’s 2020 proves this. 

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