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Zoe & Urgen – With Me is Soft and Silky: Score Indie Reviews

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Zoe Siddharth and Urgen Yolmo are two goofy friends taking you through their musical journey with a zest of fun and laughter. Zoe Siddharth was a finalist on The Stage 3. She is growing, creating her sound and finding her way in this musical journey. She has a unique style and vibes with groovy, pop, RnB genres and is experimenting with blues and soul as well, thus writing and finding her own sound.

Urgen Yolmo grew up in Darjeeling, and has been living in Bangalore for the past 10 years. His musical journey started when he was really young and he has been trained by varied vocal coaches. He is inspired by all forms of art and believes in creating music for an overall experience of every aspect of perception and not just auditory. His sole aim is to make people feel and live every moment of what the song expresses. The latest stop on the talented duo’s journey is the track “With Me” and that’s what we are reviewing here. 

The gifted duo’s first track together is definitely a high quality effort. Throughout “With Me”, you can find Zoe Siddharth and Urgen Yolmo applying their incredible pop smarts and grasp of melody on a blissfully chilled-out canvas. The vocal harmonies of the duo provide the track with its euphoric peaks, surrounded by slightly more sedate fare that ebbs and flows in a steady, hypnotic manner. Throughout the track, Zoe Siddharth and Urgen Yolmo showcase their knack for harvesting the most out of a minimalist musical arrangement to propel their spectacular vocal performances forward. 

“With Me” is deeply loving music, the very essence of quiet longing and gentle affection, captured in a bottle and cast upon an ocean where the sun shines eternal.

Verdict: Lovely.

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