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The Coconut Milk Project – Panic In Life’s Waiting Room: Score Indie Reviews

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The Coconut Milk Project is a two-member acoustic band from Chennai. It comprises of Pavithra Krishnaswamy and Goutham Kumar. The duo was formed in 2018 and started performing covers at the weekly Teach for India sessions, Fellow Durbar. As per Pavithra and Goutham’s musical style, they write about things that need to be spoken of, and things that people go through on a regular basis.

Through their music, they want to start conversations, evoke emotions, and strike a chord with their listeners. After releasing its first single, “Stolen Sunshine” in 2019, the Chennai based duo is back with its second single “Panic In Life’s Waiting Room”, and that’s what we are reviewing here. 

The track features strong writing, some nice grooves, lush gliding panoramas, lovely vocals and a profoundly caring undercurrent throughout. The duo’s minimalist and melodic creative approach is on display immediately as they expertly build up through the extended intro until they unveil the track’s gorgeous primary melody.

While the song is downtempo and slow, it does have enough nuances and dynamics to provide the listeners with several gratifying moments, showcasing the duo’s mastery over the elusive art of memorable songwriting. Deep, succinct bass tones anchor the composition while the numerous other components advance and withdraw for a captivating piece that stands up to repeated listens. The track is just right as the soundtrack for an afternoon drive or a relaxing morning spent with a cup of coffee.

The succinct track length and relatively minimalist musical arrangement make the track feel more like a light lunch than a full-course dinner, though the masterful melodies and infectious rhythms keep the recording’s momentum going strong just the same. As far as compelling and earnest indie music with a soft pop edge goes, “Panic In Life’s Waiting Room” is definitely a standout.

Verdict: Earnest.

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