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Mamamoo’s Wheein encourages embracing yourself with her solo comeback “Water Color”- Score Global Music

With her first mini album release with Redd, Mamamoo’s Wheein has successfully shown her individual artistic side to the world. Moomoo’s (Mamamoo’s fandom) much anticipated album has definitely been worth the wait. Through the 6 tracks of the mini album with features from different artists, Wheein portrays various sides of herself and displays the diverse skills she possesses. 

Water color, Redd’s lead single is the perfect fit for the summer. With its modern and chill vibe, it is easy to follow and enjoy. Wheein’s alluring voice combined with the beautifully shot music video promises a treat for both the eyes and ears. Revolving around an authentic idea with a highly creative origin, the song has something for everyone. Be it the strong vocals, the dance moves, or the fashion, Water colour has a bit of whatever you are looking for.

The music video starts off with a drowsy party scene with Wheein still up for more while the others are exhausted. The colours and settings of some scenes evoke 70s-era stylistics and these combined with contrasting contemporary shots later in the video raise plenty of interest. The extravagant shots of Wheein perfectly combine elegance and dramatism to fit the musical flow. Multiple shots of a diverse group that capture the individuality of each one also exudes uniqueness. 

The video complements the bold and confident lyrics that talk about creating your own way and being who you wish to be regardless of what others say and want. They also talk about the acceptance of emotions and how it’s okay to feel a certain way; that emotions are different colours of human behaviour. The repeated line “I look good in everything” leaves the listener empowered and conveys the concept perfectly. The artist herself has empathised with the lyrics saying that she wishes to be as transparent and adaptable as watercolor. She wants to be an artist whose music and personality isn’t complex, but true to herself and is one of a kind. 

Needless to say, the Mamamoo member puts on a great performance with the skilled dance moves and detailed choreography. Being one of the best dancers of her group, Wheein definitely brought her excellence to the table.

The animated portion at the end of the video is particularly striking. A woman wearing a blue gown similar to that worn by Wheein dives into the water to meet a peacock that appears throughout. The peacock can be considered her unique identity and by coming face to face with it, Wheein finally accepts herself in all the different colours of her soul.

Wheein’s passions of painting and music have been fused together to give her fans a glimpse into her potential as a solo artist. With theories flying around, trying to detect the meaning behind the song and lyrics, Wheein’s solo comeback has surely been worthwhile.

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