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Zoe Siddharth – Human is Refreshigly Original: Score Indie Reviews

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Zoe Siddharth is a Mumbai based singer-songwriter. Hailing from Chennai, Zoe Siddharth’s prodigious musical chops started becoming apparent from a very young age. She started learning guitar and keyboards from a very young age and even started doing home performances. It is safe to say that Zoe Siddharth was destined for a life in the field of music and she has continued to work very hard towards making it a reality.

Zoe Siddharth went on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Popular Music Performance at Lasalle College of Arts in Singapore. Upon graduation, she was selected as one of the contestants for The Stage. Her time with the show gave her some great direction towards flourishing as a singer and a music artist. In the process of reaching the final, working with a vocal coach, gaining invaluable tips from judges, and finding out about Mumbai’s burgeoning independent music scene, Zoe Siddharth truly grew as an artist. Buoyed by her stint with The Stage, a confident and beaming Zoe Siddharth penned her first original song, “Human” and that’s what we are reviewing here. 

“Human” reminisces about the times when we appreciated our friends and family for being there. It’s a eulogy to empathy, love, kindness, emotions, and feelings, the things that make us human. In a pandemic hit world, we need the people who form our support system more than ever. With “Human”, Zoe Siddharth expresses her gratitude and appreciation for such people in her life. 

“Human” is a track that Zoe Siddharth has performed live with a band for some time now. However, the track we are reviewing is a more stripped out, minimalistic version of the one she performs with her band. The softer, luscious version is a vocal tour de force as Zoe Siddharth’s amazing vocals and harmonies are interwoven with soft strings and keys. Even the production of the track is minimalist with Zoe Siddharth’s vocals shining through.

“Human” is a track performed and recorded by a singer who is fully confident in her abilities. You can hear the confidence oozing out from every single note that Zoe Siddharth hits. Her voice hasn’t been buried under layers of digital effects and studio trickery. It’s what makes the track so good, but most importantly, it’s what makes the track truly human. 

An animated lyric video for “Human” comes out soon. Stay tuned for that.

Verdict: A celebration of everything that makes us human.

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