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Vinayak Chopra joins forces with Dr. Divya Tripathi and Mayank Rathore for a soulful track called Piya Milan Ki Aas: Score Indie Reviews

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The last we heard of composer/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/producer Vinayak Chopra was with his joyous single Shayad. With his latest release, he amps up the emotion with a mellower and more introspective sound.

Titled Piya Milan Ki Aas, the track is a philosophical tale of the protagonist yearning for God and its guidance. At the same time, the narrative ends with the character realising that God had been along with him all this while. As the producer himself puts it, ‘This song talks about a seeker’s journey and his immense desire for self-realisation.’

In an oversaturated era of sappy love songs and lethargic post-pandemic life, Piya Milan Ki Aas is dramatic as well as a slightly fresher change in lyricism.

Chopra’s neo-classical production comes to life with Hindustani Classical vocalist Dr. Divya Tripathi’s divine voice and sarangi player Mayank Rathore’s soulful instrumentals. Just like Chopra’s previous discography, his choice of collaborators is as diverse as his musical influences.

The only slight flaw might be the song’s duration as it does not offer the potential for any dramatic transitions or interludes. However, saying that, some listeners who are patient enough for delightful slow burns, must definitely check out Piya Milan Ki Aas.

Verdict: Divine themes, vocals, and instrumentals combine for a soothing amalgamation.

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