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Polymancer and Ronojit Bhuyan’s dreampop collab formless, bundles (live in a hotel room) is the perfect late-night ambiance that you need: Score Indie Reviews

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For those who have been following the nascent yet growing dreampop scene in India, Polymancer should be a familiar name. While the artist’s debut EP Dream Catching makes for essential listening, Poly’s latest single should also be in your playlist. 

Descriptively titled formless, bundles (live in a hotel room), the song includes Poly’s airy vocals and featured guest’s Ronojit Bhuyan’s keys. The song seems like a mellow love ballad set against the artist’s familiar dreamy landscapes.
Hence, it’s perfectly suited for those who wish to unwind at night with some sombre vibes (especially for fans of artists like Joji and Clairo). 

The lyrical elements seem to follow a stream-of-consciousness narrative with the singer opening up about his emotionally numb state, him missing his lover, and gaining acceptance that they won’t be here on “Opposite Day”. This concept of Opposite Day seems to evoke the reality where he lies all gloomy and motionless. Hence, even without specific details, Polymancer succeeds in painting a melancholic image that goes well with the slow-paced instrumentals. 

Despite the somewhat low phase of the protagonist, the song is extremely soothing for listeners. It’s most definitely a midnight song, perfectly suited for a late night walk or a drive or just a night full of sleeplessness and self-introspection. 
Not to take any particular names but the indie dreampop scene in the country seems to be a tad bit too derivative or pretentious. But as Polymancer has proven with his consistent discography, he’s here to stay and craft his identity distinctly. Formless, bundles bears further testimony to this fact. 

Verdict: Putting the dream in dreampop. 

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