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Yours, an original soundtrack (OST) from Jirisan, is a heartrending ballad and a testament to BTS’ Jin’s powerful vocals and adept artistry – Score Global Music

Jirisan, arguably one of the most awaited Korean Dramas of 2021, stars Jun Ji-Hyun (Legend of the Blue Sea), and Ju Ji-hoon (Of Kingdom fame). Written by Kim Eun-Hee (Kingdom) and Directed by Lee Eung Bok (Goblin), Jirisan– which roughly translates as Mount Jiri from the Korean- is a fable about mountain rangers working at the Jiri Mountain National Park, who traverse uncharted mountainous terrain and challenging topography to investigate a baffling accident atop the mountain.

According to Soompi, “Yours” has already hit No. 1 on iTunes Top Songs charts in at least 82 different regions including the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Thailand, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, and more—a new record for K-pop soloists in 2021.


Jin, whose real name is Kim Seok-jin, is the oldest in the hugely popular musical septet, BTS. Jin is known to ARMY (BTS’s fandom) for his informative and humorous Eat Jin lives, where his whip smart and informative commentary on his chosen food has also garnered him a very special fan- the President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, who acknowledged watching and thoroughly enjoying Eat Jin.

Once hailed by the Grammy panel as possessing a silver voice, Jin is a high tenor with a bright vocal tone, who utilizes his nasal resonance deftly and displays immaculate craftsmanship. His stable voice, mellifluous vibrato and breathy vocals are also beautiful in the lower registers.

Yours” is a four-minute ballad that perfectly captures the nuanced emotions felt by the lead characters and weaves together the story of the drama. As pointed out on twitter by journalist Jae Ha Kim, the key changes, crescendos and high notes in the song reaffirms Jin’s mastery over ballads. Jin enunciates his words, carefully, singing softly at first, almost as a whisper at first and then progressing to belting the high notes- exemplifies his craftsmanship as a singer and a master storyteller, who understands the importance of drawing an audience in with his vocals.

“Yours” is written by Gaemi and Jida, and Produced by Slow Rabbit, who is a long-time producer at HYBE. This is Jin’s second foray singing for a Korean drama, the first being  “Even if I die, it’s you”  for the drama ‘Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth’ in which bandmate V a.k.a Kim Taehyung starred as well.

Seasoned ARMY may hear the refrain La-da-da-da, la-da-da-da, da and think of several other BTS refrains. But in the context of this Drama, the tune may be interpreted as a morse code signifying an S.O.S. While there is no official confirmation on this as yet, ARMY are excitedly tuning in to the rest of the drama, and streaming the song to celebrate Jin’s first ever solo OST.

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