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Vinayak Chopra’s Shaayad is positively playful: Score Indie Reviews

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Uncertainty. This has been a common emotion that resonates with many post-pandemic releases. And a track christened as Shaayad definitely has uncertainty written all over it with a tinge of underlying positivity. 
The Hindi track is a playful debut by producer Vinayak Chopra featuring lazy, easygoing vocals from Shekhar Yadav. As explained before, Chopra wrote this song during last year’s period of lockdowns.

He decides to play safe with the debut single, relying on the ever-reliable common theme of finding hope in the face of everyday troubles of life. While the lyrics might not strike as unique, the production makes the song worth listening to. 

Snappy and perky in its overall atmosphere, the song is adorned by shakers, harmonicas, and occasional whistling. It might seem like a good-enough break from the usual electronic-fueled pop that has been dominating playlists off late but the vocals in Shaayad also stand out on their own. Yadav feels pretty effortless and controlled as he plays around with his voice with subtle notes. 

The toned-down, optimistic approach of Shaayad is worth praising. If one is to get into drawbacks, the song gets slightly weakened with its duration. Now, this again might be a subjective view and there are a few indie-pop songs these days that might go beyond the usual two-to-three-minute-long duration every now and then. 

However, for a song like Shaayad, maybe it seems to suit a runtime of two minutes (with maybe half a minute thrown on the side). While Chopra gets enough space to showcase his multi-instrumental production, some of the interludes do seem to feel a tad bit stretched, to say the least. 
Other than this, Shaayad is a jolly tune that experiments with minimalistic sounds, offering hope in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Verdict: A hopeful sound brimming out of hopeless times. 

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