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Utsavi Jha’s Saanjh is a calming ballad of love and hope – Score Indie Reviews

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Saanjh can be roughly translated as the Hindi equivalent of “dusk”. As this phase of the day has been depicted as a moment of introspection by several romantic pop writers, Utsavi Jha‘s “Saanjh” is no exception. The track basically finds Jha asking her lover to meet her at “saanjh” and goes on to describe in abstract terms how he makes her feel. The feeling of seeing your beloved after a tiring day, that feeling hits different and this is what Jha wishes to convey in this track. 

The lyricism is apt and simple for the context but it is Jha’s vocals that stand out more. Having recorded her work in English and Hindi earlier, what’s interesting is that Jha can sound mellowed-down like in this song but also more boldly self-confident (as we saw in her previous single Picnic). 

Saanjh is the majoritarian sound when it comes to her discography but it still doesn’t feel repetitive. And for those who can harbour the patience to listen a nearly-5-minute slow ballad, then Saanjh will easily satisfy. 
As the production also charters the “mellowed-down” territory, the lack of any dramatic interludes might make it seem slow at parts but that’s still better than the production forcefully transitioning to other sounds.

Jha’s comforting sound in this one is good enough and serves its purpose well. And as for the production, Twin Strings frontman Manav produces the ambient multi-instrumental arrangement. 

All in all, it is a sweet little song that you can listen to if you need a song that’s good enough for a breezy afternoon or maybe a self-introspective “saanjh”…

Verdict: Soothing and ambient. 

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