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The Making of U2’s Achtung Baby Documented

From The Sky Down, we have U2 with their fake frowns

Davis Guggenheim claims to answer the underlying questions about U2’s longevity through his documentary, From The Sky Down, that will open the Toronto Film Festival this year. Well, that’s great, though we’re utterly terrified of having another little probable piece of Bono propaganda shoved down our throats. 

Charting the release of their 1991 smash hit, Achtung Baby, the documentary is meant to draw contrasts between most rock bands’ general affinity to implode and U2’s complete lack of it. I mean, it’s anyone guess, really.

The Edge is the primary sideshow and he seems very comfortable in the shadows, while Bono is the one casting them, far and wide. Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. – bless their hearts – were never critical factors anyway, so what we have is a chronicle of the relationship between Batman and Robin.

There are more pressing questions Guggenheim could’ve turned to for inspiration; like how Bono deals with not being black, or how many seals has he actually saved himself, or how Irish is he really. 

[youtube_video id=Sx3EElObwNE] 


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