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A Bit of Blues and Laurie

Hugh Laurie is multi-talented. He can do everything. And he is not asian. He is a glitch in our matrix.


We’ve seen Laurie display his talents of humor in the 90’s with Stephen Fry in A Bit of Fry and Laurie. We’ve seen him playing a limping, Vicodine fuelled doctor on House MD. Now, listen to blue-eyed Hugh playing us the blues.

In his debut album ‘Let Them Talk’ he plays the blues quite literally. Hugh displays his ways with the piano more impressively than his demeanor with his patients on House MD. His piano playing moves from sanguine to lugubrious. From only bits with music, to him singing with a more pleasant jazz feel as opposed to the blues. (Yes, he does sing sweeter than he talks.)

Where and when you can listen to songs from ‘Let Them Talk’:

1) Swanee River:

[youtube_video id=YlXhjDmSzdY]

If you own a fancy restaurant with a wooden dancefloor, play this song to make people dance and varnish the floor with what they just ate. This is not a bad thing. Hugh Laurie has the reputation of being a funny man. I’m sure on some level he wants people barfing to his music. Them Brits are classy like that.

2) Battle of Jericho:

[youtube_video id=g_YIj02HbQQ]

If you want to break a beer bottle on the guy who ‘made a pass’ (Brit phrases are the shiz) at your girlfriend, have the bartender play this song in the background to do it with poise. It might have your opponent in a trance-like state where he accepts your blows better than Gandhi did, even until fatality. Then you and your friends can do a nice Dance Macabre for your dead victim too. This song has that kind of an eerie power.

3) After you’ve gone:

[youtube_video id=5gIyuy8xezQ]

When your relationship falls apart, be sophisticated about it, like this character Hugh portrays in this song. Add a glass of wine. Sit yourself down and play this track on surround sound on that music system. Don’t worry, this song isn’t the begging pleading song that will make you irk. So it’s okay if your neighbors hear you.

4) You don’t know my mind:

[youtube_video id=sQsfwqIJuj8]

This is a song you would listen to solitarily after telling someone off after they’ve told you you’re not understandable. This song is a great substitute for kicking someone in the rear end to feel better.

Give the album listen. There is a scenario that is appropriate for every song. We like jazz, and we like the blues. Hence we like this album. We think that Hugh could make it to the Blues Hall of Fame if he keeps this coming.

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