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Score Indie Quickie- Faridkot

Faridkot, the dynamic pop-rock duo from New Delhi, have been crafting their unique “Confused Pop” sound since 2008. Comprising IP Singh
and Rajarshi, their music seamlessly blends indie, pop, and folk elements, resonating with audiences worldwide. With acclaimed albums “Ek” and “Phir Se,” and hits like “Nasha” and “Kaala Doriyaa,” they’ve earned millions of streams. Their latest EP, “IBTIDA,” showcases enchanting love ballads with artists like Jubin Nautiyal. Join us as we delve into their journey of passion and innovation, exploring the heart and soul behind their captivating music.

How did the two of you come together to form Faridkot back in 2008? Can you share the story behind your initial meeting and decision to start the band?

Rajarshi- I was searching for a singer who could sing and write in Hindi, and IP Singh was looking for musicians to start a band. When we met, we had a lot of fun together and realized we could make music together. So, we decided to write music together, and we really liked what we made. That’s how our band started.

Can you describe your typical songwriting and recording process? How do you collaborate on creating your unique sound that blends indie, pop, and folk elements?

IP Singh- Our idea has always been to keep trying something new and exciting for our songs. There is not actually a typical songwriting process; we just go with the flow and see where it takes us. The same approach makes us explore all the folk and newer sounds, and then we adapt that to suit the sound of the song.

What are some of your biggest musical influences, and how have they shaped the sound of Faridkot over the years?

Rajarshi- I’ve listened to a lot
of different music, from Nazia Hassan and Mohammad Rafi to Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, as
well as Amit Trivedi and Sneha Khanwalkar. This variety has shaped my musical background. Our sound isn’t influenced by
just one style or artist. Instead, it’s more about our personal growth and how we’ve changed and evolved as musicians. We always aim to challenge ourselves and create fresh, new music that doesn’t stick to any specific genre or style.

Your latest EP, “IBTIDA,” features collaborations with artists like Jubin Nautiyal and Raghav Chaitanya. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind this EP and the themes you explore in these new tracks?

IP Singh- The core of the Ibtida is love. We believe love drives this world, and we really wanted to express that through this album. All songs are different from each other, yet they are tied together by this thread of love. There are times in your life when gratitude and surrender drive you ahead. This is an EP for those times. Coming to Jubin, what a man, what a voice! We learned so much from him during the collaboration, and it’s not just his voice that he has lent to the song. He has given us his friendship and love, and that is invaluable. Raghav Chaitanya is another brilliant talent and an even better person. These two collaborations have really taught us a lot, and we want to thank both of them for blessing Ibtida with their presence.

What are some of the key instruments and gear you use to produce your music? Do
you have any favorite tools or equipment that are essential to your sound?

Rajarshi- The key instrument I use is a laptop, but I also have a guitar and a keyboard. In this EP, we’ve experimented with the sitar and flute. I don’t have a favorite tool, but since I’m a guitar player, I naturally enjoy using the guitar. However, I often avoid starting with the guitar to push myself out of my comfort zone. This makes creating melodies on the keyboard more challenging and leads to making more music.

With over 1000 performances to your name, how do you keep your live shows fresh and engaging for your audience? Do you have a favorite performance or memorable moment on stage?

IP Singh- Rajarshi is actually very meticulous in designing a live set. He has this habit of recording every gig and then listening to it multiple times to see the scope of improvement. So that is the driving force for keeping the show fresh. One of my favourite performances was in Kabul. It was surreal.

How has your music evolved from your first album “Ek” to your latest releases? Are there any significant changes in your style or approach that you’d like to highlight?

Rajarshi- Music has changed a lot over the years. When I was a teenager, making music was all about exploring and finding my own style. It felt like discovering something new each time. Now, even though there’s still uncertainty about what kind of song will come out, that uncertainty makes the process exciting. You never know if the next song will be better or worse than what you made years ago, and that keeps it interesting. Music is always evolving, like a vast sea of sound and melody you can draw from endlessly. Over time, our style has become more precise. Now, when we make changes, they are deliberate and well-thought-out. We are better at translating our ideas into music exactly as we imagine them. This is something we always aimed for, and it’s a significant improvement.

You’ve worked with several renowned artists and musicians over the years. How do these collaborations come about, and what have you learned from working with such diverse talents?

IP Singh-I guess our fellow artists just love us (laughs). We see collaborations happen mostly randomly and sometimes planned. There is so much to learn from everyone that we collaborate with, be it their vocal delivery or how they interpret the tune. It’s so enriching to have other artists come and colour our tunes with their shades.

How has the rise of social media and streaming platforms affected your music career? Have there been any notable advantages or challenges that you’ve encountered?

Rajarshi- The rise of social media has changed the music industry for everyone. In the past, there was a formula for success: have a big singer, do a lot of marketing,make videos, and get on TV. This gave your song a 90% chance of success. Now, music is much more democratic. Anyone can make a track using a laptop and available tools. Because of this, it’s hard to know what will be popular. You don’t need expensive marketing or videos for a song to do well; sometimes, songs without videos become hits. Overall, this shift is great because it gives power back to the listeners. They have many options and choose what they like on streaming platforms. If lots of people listen to your song, it means you’ve connected with the audience, not just relied on marketing of social media has affected everybody is music career the big change is you don’t know what is going to work before there is a big formula you have a big singer with you this time you do lot of marketing lots of videos TV there is a 90% chances that you are song will work no music have become so democratic anyone can sit it and make a track now it is easy to produce music there is sampler’s loops no everything is available now you can only write a great song with just a laptop yourself so I think now it’s challenging because you don’t know what is going to work and how weather the marketing of the song will make it work or weather making a good music video will work. There are so many songs we have made but videos not available still the songs are doing very well. Overall it’s a great thing the power of the music is back to the listeners so now listeners are going to decide they have all the option the Vibes they want to choose and even now the streaming platforms are giving all the good options so if huge number of people are listening to your song it’s because you manage to connect with the audience it’s not just a marketing or it is definitely advantage.

What’s next for Faridkot? Are there any upcoming projects, tours, or collaborations that your fans can look forward to? How do you envision the future of your music?

IP Singh- The plans are never- ending. There is a lot of music that we are working on and
will be sharing with the world very soon. We envision a future where we make all sorts of music and carve a niche for ourselves, where anyone and everyone gets something that they like.

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