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The Fortune’s All Up On You boasts the duo’s ambient musicality coupled with KEL’s equally cathartic vocals: Score Indie Reviews

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The producer/instrumentalist duo The Fortune always seems to have multiple influences as is evident from their versatile discography. In their latest single, All Up On You seems to have a future bass and mellow electronica approach that’s upbeat and introspective at the same time. As was the case with Lost or Tell Me Something, this single too relies on some well-textured vocals (KEL being the featured guest in this case). 

In fact, Tell Me Something had also proven The Fortune’s international marketability with American singer Shawn O’Donnell. All Up On You’s KEL is similarly of half-Italian, half-Maltese origin. This just shows how the Indian duo is willing to transcend beyond their borders and connect with international indie artists, a tactic that would definitely benefit English songwriters in India who seek to further their avenues in a post-pandemic era of globalisation. 

In terms of its lyrics, there are a couple of uplifting messages to emulate. These include themes like spreading one’s wings to explore unchartered territories and a ‘Carpe Diem ideology of living in the present and not overthinking about the past. It’s a straightforwardly positive song with some dancey, upbeat production. Even though the word ‘lo-fi’ is used more than liberally these days, some aspects of the third act do offer a spacey, lo-fi-like soundscape while KEL’s vocal layers add a rich, atmospheric R&B vibe to the song. 

Hence, even though All Up On You’s words might even suit a generic merry pop tune, The Fortune tries to attain a more relaxed R&B and neo-pop sound. And they do succeed in this attempt. Their previous single Lost received an acoustic rendition that even overshadowed the original! If The Fortune indeed tries to go ahead with another stripped-down version of All Up On You, a jazzy or funk-inspired take might suit this single the most. 

Verdict: Cathartic to the fullest. 

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