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Rivita’s Speed Limit is a great pick to relax on a stressful day: Score Indie Reviews

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For a song titled Speed Limit, Rivita’s new single is surprisingly calming. With some fine bass licks and production that’s reminiscent of indie bedroom poop, the songstress croons some fairly simple lyrics. However, her laidback approach is such that it’s instantly catchy and would soothe any listener who’s in need of slowing down. Apart from providing the sultry vocals, Rivita also serves as the song’s producer. 

The song is essentially about taking a break and pausing the daily monotony. As Rivita hums in the chorus repeatedly, ‘Leave it. Leave it all behind’. What’s also notable is that she doesn’t seem to go to any extremes. These days, the indie scene is dominated by extremely melancholic tunes or extremely merry ones that come off as Utopian. Speed Limit seems to be set in a human world where people’s hearts are constantly racing, where people are always functioning at a mechanical speed. And yet Rivita’s cathartic singing seems to evoke a bittersweet tune, admitting such realities with a casual approach. 

Her melodies too are aptly controlled and the lack of any melodramatic vocal stretches allows the single to be distinct from other such tunes in the Indian indie-pop/chill-pop space.  As mentioned earlier, simplicity is a key factor in contributing to the repeatability of Speed Limit. Rivita effortlessly seems to build an ambient sound and definitely succeeds at it. The track might not be the most exceptional release in terms of musicality and it might draw some comparisons but for what it’s worth, Speed Limit definitely has the ability to grow on its demographic. 

Verdict: A simmered-down melodic approach turns Speed Limit into a quick remedy to lighten up your mood. 

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